FleetBioprocessing Biopharmaceuticals

Antibody-Drug Conjugates (ADCs) are rapidly entering the therapeutic mainstream especially for cancer treatment. Fleet Bioprocessing has demonstrated that experience gained in the development of clinical diagnostic bioconjugates can be directly translated to the development of such molecules.
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Within this field Fleet Bioprocessing has experience in the following areas:
  • Development of 'small' molecule drug & enzyme conjugates to therapeutic antibodies.
  • Modification of key properties of therapeutic proteins to optimise in vivo behaviour.
Fleet can assist with examining the critical-to-quality variables affecting conjugate behaviour:
  • Site of conjugation reaction (i.e. conjugation chemistry and site-specific vs. random coupling).
  • Conjugate stoichiometry.
  • In vivo conjugate behaviour: - cleavable vs. permanent linkages.
  • Immunogenicity and In vitro stability of the linker group.
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