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scFv and nanobodies

Antibody Fragmentation

Although the Fc region of an antibody molecule is essential for its in vivo functionality, the same is not necessarily true in diagnostic applications where it can sometimes contribute to non-specific binding and background issues. Fleet Bioprocessing Ltd. are expert in enzymic fragmentation procedures, yielding Fab or F(ab’)   fragments which can sometimes offer improved performance.

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Antibody fragments
Antibody schematic

Example Projects

Antibody fragments improve assay backgrounds in food pathogen ELISAs

Over the last two decades, Fleet have developed a wide expertise in  antibody fragmentation by enzymatic digestion to facilitate the production of antibody fragments ((Fab')2 , Fab, etc), and their subsequent conjugation for diagnostic applications. A UK-based food testing company observed significantly improved backgrounds by employing Fleet antibody fragments in their microtitre plate-based pathogen assays.

Routine antibody fragmentations under GMP conditions

Fleet routinely manufacture antibody fragments under GMP standards for use in regulated IVD products, where high levels of process definition, reproducibility and documentation are critical. Reproducibly good assay performance has been observed over multiple fragmentation batches.

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