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ELISA plate

Antibody Screening and Selection

Your immunoassay can only ever be as good as its antibodies allow… so making the right antibody choice is one of the most critical points of the development process. Fleet’s comprehensive market knowledge can help you to identify the best commercially-available antibodies and antigens to form the basis of your assay – or if they’re not out there, we can help you to create your own custom polyclonal, monoclonal or phage display antibodies.
Once candidate antibodies are available, the next stage is to construct one or more prototype immunoassay formats to evaluate their fitness for purpose.
Gyrolab binding profile
Antibody structure

Example Projects

Fleet entrusted with critical antibody selection role

Prospective antibodies to a range of established diagnostic markers were proposed by Fleet, based on our technical knowledge and awareness of the commercial supply landscape. The candidate antibodies were assessed and characterised for performance in ELISA format; prototype assays were developed and shown to have utility in the clinical range before being transferred to the client for application in their novel platform.

Antibody selection for bioanalytical assays

Fleet is conducting an ongoing program to develop bioanalytical assays for biosimilar development. Each assay requires a survey of available antibodies, with the most promising being conjugated and assessed on the Gyrolab platform to determine the optimum assay format and reagent configuration. The lead candidates are then taken into full assay optimisation and performance verification.

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