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Oligonucleotide & Aptamer Conjugates

Fleet Bioprocessing Ltd. have plenty of experience attaching antibodies, streptavidin and other proteins to oligonucleotides.

Generally we will couple oligos via an amine or thiol group incorporated at the 3’- or 5’- terminal, allowing us to use highly reproducible heterobifunctional coupling chemistry to prepare your conjugate.

In bioconjugation terms, aptamers simply behave like big oligos – although the purification strategy may differ, similar chemical approaches can be used.

Contact us via our enquiry form here to discuss labelling your oligo or aptamer.


Example Projects

Antibody-oligo conjugates for Dutch biotech company

Working with a Dutch biotech company, Fleet have formulated numerous antibody-oligonucleotide conjugates. Using their expertise in the handling, conjugation and purification of this type of reagent, Fleet have developed effective methods to link the oligos to the target antibody via terminal functional groups such as protected sulfhydryls. 

Novel aptamer linker design for lateral flow applications

A start-up company wanted to link aptamers to novel targets, to allow detection of infectious diseases. We came up with a novel linker reagent design to meet this hitherto unexplored need.

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