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Immunoassays for Other Applications

Although the clinical diagnostics and pharma sectors see the widest application of immunoassays, the same techniques can be employed in any situation where specific and sensitive detection of an analyte is required.

Other fields where Fleet Bioprocessing Ltd. have been able to exploit their immunoassay development skills include:

Veterinary Diagnostics:
Closely analogous to clinical diagnostics but with a non-human subject.
Food, Water and Environmental Diagnostics:
Where the aim is typically to detect pathogenic organisms or other harmful agents in food samples, preparation facilities and sales outlets, or in the wider environment.
Defence and Security Diagnostics:
Where the analyte of interest is related to battlefield scenarios or concerns over terrorism or biosecurity.
Research Applications:
The plethora of academic immunoassay uses in universities, hospitals and other organisations throughout the word.
Bioprocessing Applications:
Where immunoassays are often used to monitor the purity of biotech products manufactured through cell culture, etc.

The biggest difference between these sectors is probably the regulatory environment, the requirements varying widely from one field to another. Technically these assays – and the challenges associated with them – are often very similar to their clinical and pharma equivalents. 


Although not all will apply in every field, the phases described in the procedure for development of a clinical immunoassay are similar in essence, and it may be of value to review these with respect to your own non-clinical application.

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