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Point of care diagnostics in uncontrolled environments

Defence & Security Diagnostics

The most characteristic feature of this sector is the application platform – unlike a clinical assay which will typically be employed under tightly controlled conditions in a central hospital laboratory, defence and security testing must be carried out “in the field” whether this means at an airport, in a police station or even on an active battlefield. Therefore the sector is dominated by point-of-care formats which allow non-skilled personnel to rapidly generate results in a poorly-controlled environment.


Fleet Bioprocessing Ltd. have collaborated with many of the top agencies in this field to generate immunoassays for analytes of interest. 


Contact us via our enquiry form here if you would like to discuss the applications of immunoassays to defence and security challenges.

Example Projects

Nitrate assay developed for lateral flow application

One of our customers was having trouble developing a reliable detection method for nitrate as part of a defence contract. After trialling several candidate methods we identified a method which fully  met their expectations, and was transferred to them for commercialisation.

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