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Latex particles

Bead & Particle Conjugates

Particularly in the diagnostics field, micro- and nanoparticles have recently enjoyed something of a renaissance as a choice of solid phase; magnetic particles in particular lend themselves well to high-throughput systems, as they can be moved quickly and precisely from one location to another.

Labelled particles have countless other applications, from agglutination reagents and visually-detectable lateral flow labels, to sample pre-treatment reagents.

Particles can often be obtained with surface functional groups such as carboxyls, amines and thiols – forming suitable “handles” for bioconjugation methods.

Particle conjugation methodologies differ significantly from most other bioconjugation categories – purification and characterisation strategies in particular are very different, and Fleet Bioprocessing Ltd. possess the knowhow to ensure that you end up with an effective and reproducible procedure.

Contact us via our enquiry form here to discuss your particle conjugation requirements.

Example Projects

Bead labelling method reoptimized for turbidimetric assay format

Fleet experts optimised an antibody-particle conjugation process for a major UK diagnostics company, improving the performance of the reagent in a turbidimetric assay over their own current  methodology. The "Fleet method" has now been adopted by the customer for routine evaluation in new assay developments. 

Fluorescent nanoemulsion conjugates

A university spin-out diagnostics company wanted to demonstrate a novel detection reagent based on fluorescent nanoemulsion-conjugates. From only basic methods provided by the customer, Fleet successfully reproduced the technology and adapted the method for in-house manufacture of nanoemulsion-protein conjugates.

Process redevelopment for inflammation LFT assay

Utilising Fleet's expertise in nanoparticle conjugations, we redeveloped an existing antibody-particle conjugation procedure to improve the reagents assay performance, and provided the optimised materials and modified procedure to the customer for recreation in their labs.

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