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Here at Fleet Bioprocessing Ltd. we pride ourselves on being able to tackle any conjugation challenge – if there’s a way to make the conjugate you want, we’ll find it.

It is impossible to list all the conjugations which do not fall into the categories above, but the case studies below give a few examples.

Contact us via our enquiry form here if you a have a conjugation need that you would like to discuss with us, however unusual!


Example Projects

Antibody-carbon conjugates developed by Fleet for novel piezoelectric point-of-care diagnostic system

A novel point-of-care diagnostic system was based on piezoelectric detection via carbon nanospheres. Fleet developed methods for coupling antibodies and other proteins to these novel detection reagents, and transferred them successfully into routine GMP production.

Antibody-coated particle stability improved by cross-linking chemistry

The Fleet chemistry team have an extensive conjugation toolbox, allowing us to comfortably tackle atypical as well as standard conjugation challenges. Carrying out esearch for a leader in the UK diagnostics sector, Fleet helped establish an improved method for stablising an antibody-particle conjugate, chemically cross-linking the antibody without significantly impacting its binding activity.

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