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Equine and veterinary diagnostics

Veterinary Diagnostics

Technically veterinary assays closely resemble their human equivalents, and are often even designed to measure the same analytes: for example, the animal fertility market is very valuable, driving the need for reproductive endocrinology assays for analytes such as progesterone.


Other areas of application include tests for animal diseases which, as well as causing hardship to the animals themselves, can have catastrophic economic consequences for their owners.


Fleet Bioprocessing Ltd. have extensive expertise in the development of immunoassays for veterinary use. 


Contact us via our enquiry form here if you would like to discuss veterinary assay development.

Example Projects

Fumonisin assay shows excellent robustness

Fleet developed an ELISA to fumonisin, a contaminant potentially associated with laminitis in horses. This assay had sufficient robustness to be used with challenging sample types including stool, pasture and feed.

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