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You can still access Fleet Bioprocessing Ltd.’s unrivalled expertise even if you do not require our laboratory-based services. We are happy to provide consultancy to our customers on a daily-rate basis, in areas such as:

  • Immunoassay development and troubleshooting

  • Sourcing of critical raw materials

  • Bioconjugation strategies

  • Process development, process robustness studies and effective transfer of processes to production


Contact us via our enquiry form here to discuss your consultancy needs.

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Example Projects

Fleet contribute to US industry survey of pharma immunoassay platforms

With their extensive technical and commercial knowledge in the use of immunoassays, Fleet are an obvious port of call for expert advice in this field. Recently for example, they contributed to a US-based survey of immunoassay platforms for pharmaceutical development applications.

Fleet's experts advise Scandinavian consortium on biomarker selection

For a Scandinavian research consortium, Fleet's experts contributed to a challenging biomarker discovery program, advising on the selection of markers with a view to subsequently developing a panel of ELISAs suitable for commercialisation. Our expertise in interpreting the differences between characterisation data from different methodologies (eg immunoassay vs Western blot) provided valuabkle input to inform the decision-making process.

Fleet consultant helps develop groundbreaking food pathogen assays

Assays for bacterial food contaminants such as Listeria and Salmonella are demanding due to the wide variety of strains which need to be detected, and the variability of the sample format. One of our customers engaged a Fleet expert with 40 years of assay development experience to help them arrive at a new ELISA format with groundbreaking time-to-result characteristics.

Fleet scientist provides expert witness testimony in the High Court

Fleet's expert provided consultation for a team of solicitors representing a pharmaceutical company in an IP dispute. Following the initial consultations, we were asked to provide expert witness reports, which culminated with delivering testimony under cross-examination at the High Court.

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