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Biotin & Streptavidin Conjugates

Due to its effectively irreversible nature, the biotin-avidin interaction has found countless applications since its discovery in the 1960s.

Biotin conjugates of antibodies and other proteins form one of Fleet Bioprocessing Ltd.’s most popular product categories – we’re making these week in, week out, and have the knowhow to ensure we optimise performance for your application.

We have learnt that the optimum biotin incorporation – which we always aim to measure using a colorimetric test procedure – is not always easy to predict. Therefore we often prepare optimisation panels at a small scale, allowing conjugates with 3 – 5 different incorporation levels to be quickly compared.

Streptavidin is the most commonly-encountered avidin analogue in use, and streptavidin-labelled proteins are very useful reagents, for example enabling signal-amplification approaches with exquisite sensitivity.

Contact us via our enquiry form here to discuss your biotin or streptavidin-labelling requirements.

Antibody conjugation strategies
Impact of varying labelling ratio

Example Projects

Biotin and streptavidin enzyme conjugates for high-sensitivity immunoassay applications

Fleet have developed biotin-HRP and streptavidin-HRP detection conjugates for a number of customer applications, typically allowing signal amplification for sensitive ELISA applications.

Biotinylation of "problem" antigens.

Working for a global leader in peptide synthesis and bioanalysis, Fleet have used their bioconjugation expertise to synthesise problematic biotin-antigen targets,  subsequently used in the development of a number of bioanalytical assays on the Gyrolab platform

Impact of biotinylation chemistry probed in novel bioanalytical project

In collaboration with world leaders in the bioanalytical field, Fleet have investigated a range of different biotinylation chemistries and their impact on immunoassay performance. This innovative study has led to four poster presentations at international meetings and a UK government-funded follow-up project.

Routine supply of biotin-BSA reagent under GMP production conditions

Over a 20 year period, Fleet have successfully manufactured 50+ batches of a biotinylated albumin reagent to meet the needs of a major diagnostics company.  The production procedure is subject to GMP documentation, which under Fleet's quality system can only be amended with the customer's written approval. 

Rapid synthesis of Ab-biotin libraries

Fleet routinely manufacture Ab-biotin conjugates and panels of conjugates to meet ISO9001 and ISO13485 standards. In one recent example, Fleet made a library of conjugates from a panel of antibodies and these are already showing great promise in the customer's infectious diseases assays.

Biotinylation of Ca channel blockers

Name the combination and Fleet will conjugate it for you! Working with a UK based healthcare company, Fleet chemically conjugated a series of Ca channel blockers with biotin. In this instance, these small molecule conjugates were purified on silica gel and have proven to be efficacious capture compounds for their customers cardiac assay.

Viral capsid labelling

Fleet work with their customers to label their protein of interest. In this case, Fleet use their conjugation expertise to label adeno-associated viral capsids with different small molecule labels; including biotin and commercial dyes to support Gyrolab and other assay platforms.

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