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Formulation, Dispensing & Lyophilisation

When you need reagents formulated and dispensed under highly controlled conditions, Fleet Bioprocessing Ltd. can meet all but the largest production needs – under our exacting quality standards of course, and without the high costs and long lead-times of some of the bigger players in this field. We can freeze-dry your product too if required.

Fleet’s services in this area include:

  • Formulation of reagents, either to your own “recipe” or to a method developed by Fleet to avoid unnecessary process variation – for example by ensuring that the target pH is “right first time” rather than needing adjustment with acid or alkali.

  • Dispensing and labelling of formulated reagents, from µl to ml dispense volumes. We can advise on the selection of appropriate vials if required.

  • Development and execution of lyophilisation procedures. We understand the principles underlying successful freeze-drying and are happy to develop effective cycles, or to use your own. We can cap vials under nitrogen to ensure an oxygen-free environment for your product.


Using appropriate techniques and containment, Fleet routinely manufacture formulated, dispensed and lyophilised reagents to tight bioburden specifications.


Contact us via our enquiry form here to discuss your formulation, dispensing or lyophilisation needs with our scientists.

Lyophilisation profile
Protein purification columns

Example Projects

Regular formulation and dispensing role for defence contractor over ten-year period

A major defence contractor engaged Fleet to formulate and dispense a range of cleaning solutions for more than ten years. Multiple reagents were routinely formulated at scales from 12 to 80 litres, filtered and dispensed into 100 - 1000 ml aliquots. Generating a relatively small number of final product aliquots, these jobs typify Fleet's usefulness for "mid-scale" needs that are too big to be executed in-house by the customer but too small to interest major OEM contractors.

Urgent freeze-drying runs support UK diagnostics customer through equipment breakdown

When their freeze drier unexpectely went out of service for a prolonged period of time, Fleet were able step in and transfer the customer's lyophilisation method to our 25 litre freeze drier at very short notice.  Several batches of assay controls / standards were successfully lyophilised, the first within a week of the original request.

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