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Custom and Contract Immunoassay Development

Fleet Bioprocessing Ltd. possess unrivalled expertise in immunoassay development for sectors including drug development, clinical, veterinary and defence diagnostics, and life science research. 
Fleet have experience with all major immunoassay platforms ranging from “traditional” microtitre plate ELISAs, through point-of-care formats to high throughput random-access immunoassay analysers.
We have developed immunoassays in many different formats and have investigated and solved numerous assay problems. Our expertise is a blend of years of experience with world-class industry players, and partnership with companies operating at the cutting edge of new disease investigation.
Fleet can provide the entire immunoassay development process from start to finish – from generation and selection of antibodies and antigens to CE-marking and manufacture of kit batches for launch. But depending on your needs, Fleet can enhance your own assay development capabilities by taking on specific elements of the process.

To complement our assay design capability, we offer a range of services from antibody purification and preparation of antibody conjugates, through to formulation, dispensing and lyophilisation of immunoassay reagents, calibrators and controls.
Contact us via our enquiry form here to discuss your immunoassay development requirements.
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