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Fleet Bioprocessing Ltd. are well-known worldwide for our expertise in bioconjugation chemistry, smoothly coupling molecules of interest to create powerful new entities such as antibody-enzyme conjugates.

Our experts have worked at the cutting edge of this field since the 1980s, and our Managing Director is co-author of Bioconjugation: Protein Coupling Techniques for the Biomedical Sciences (Macmillan, 1998), a standard reference work in the field.


Within the contract R&D sphere, Fleet have unrivalled experience and knowhow in bioconjugate development. We pride ourselves on the reproducibility of our conjugation methods - we routinely employ highly controllable heterobifunctional coupling chemistry allowing the greatest flexibility in achieving your product requirements. Typically we will provide your conjugate as a highly-purified product, in a buffer of your choice, with detailed incorporation information. The reproducibility of such critical products is paramount, and Fleet's expertise can help ensure that such requirements are met. See our blog post for further information.


Within reason we can couple anything to anything else – and as we have been told more than once by our customers, “If Fleet can’t couple it, nobody can…”

Contact us via our enquiry form here to discuss your conjugation requirements

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