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Fleet's laboratory premises in Hampshire UK

Dr Matthew Rooney PhD MSci

Senior Assay Development Scientist

Studied vaccine adjuvants models at the University of Surrey. Matt joined Fleet in 2021 having previously worked on a variety of ELISA based assays including the development of high throughput assays for Siemens Healthcare. He has experience in raising polyclonal antibodies for a variety of purposes including point of care testing and has performed roles from proof-of-concept reporting to assays transfer.


Does Dysregulation of Redox State Underpin the Decline of Innate Immunity with Aging? Helen R. Griffiths, Matthew C.O. Rooney, and Yvonne Perrie. Antioxidants & Redox Signaling, Volume: 32 Issue 13: March 24, 2020 

Senior Scientific Staff

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