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March 2019: Attending the RSC 6th Analytical Biosciences Early Career Research Meeting (ECRM19).

Fleet Bioprocessing Ltd. has announced that it will be attending the RSC 6th Analytical Biosciences Early Career Research Meeting on 28th-29th March 2019 at The University of Cambridge, UK.

The ECRM was founded in 2014 and aims to engage early career researchers in debate and discussions about all areas of analytical biosciences, and provides the opportunity to network with other researchers in the field.

Fleet Bioprocessing Ltd. offer unrivalled expertise in the development, validation and manufacture of bioconjugates. They also possess industry-leading expertise in all aspects of immunoassay design, development and validation and are a Certified Assay Transfer and Development Partner for the Gyrolab high-throughput immunoassay platform.

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