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Your Premier Partner for Gyrolab Assay Reagents

Updated: Apr 30

At Fleet Bioprocessing Ltd., we take pride in being a Gyrolab Certified Assay Transfer and Development Partner.

Fleet Bioprocessing Ltd. enjoys global recognition for our proficiency in bioconjugation chemistry. Our dedication to excellence has cemented our reputation as leaders in the field, trusted by clients worldwide. This complemented with our assay design expertise allows us to deliver reproducible and cost-effective critical reagents specifically designed for all your Gyrolab assays needs.

Whether it's fluorescent or biotinylated antibodies or oligos, our expertise ensures the precision, reliability and reproducibility vital for successful assays.

One of the most challenging aspects of assay validation and transfer is the inconsistent labelling of critical reagents. At Fleet Bioprocessing Ltd., we can offer solutions, our expertise in Gyrolab biomolecule labelling extends to antibodies and oligonucleotides. Trust us to mitigate batch to batch uncertainties by providing meticulously labelled reagents for enhanced reliability and accuracy in your assays.

We offer highly purified conjugates in a buffer of your choice, accompanied by detailed incorporation information so you can depend on its reproducibility. This commitment ensures that our products seamlessly integrate into your workflow, guaranteeing optimum performance.

Moreover, our dedication goes beyond supplying quality reagents. We also offer assistance in troubleshooting unexpected issues with existing methods. Our expertise can help you to resolve complexities and streamline your processes.

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