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Fleet receive Innovate UK funding for new immunoassay conjugate characterisation project

Fleet Bioprocessing Ltd. announce Innovate UK funding for new larger project on immunoassay conjugate characterisation, in collaboration with the National Physical Laboratory and LGC Ltd.

Following on from a successful 3-month initial project completed in March 2019, further funding has been confirmed under the Innovate UK Analysis for Innovators scheme for a more comprehensive 12-month follow-up project. Led by Fleet Bioprocessing Ltd. and entitled Rapid and Inexpensive Characterisation of Immunoassay Conjugates (RIChIC), it will run from September 2019 to August 2020, and will examine in more depth some of the techniques which have already shown promise in predicting conjugate behaviour in immunoassays. The bioanalytical expertise of NPL and LGC will again be harnessed to identify suitably quick and economical techniques to meet this aim.

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